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Free Shipping Orders over $200
Free Shipping Orders over $200
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Free Shipping Orders over $200
Free Shipping Orders over $200
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Free Shipping Orders over $200

Choosing the best motorcycle pants for safety? Tips that may save your skin!

The most important thing to consider when choosing motorcycle gear is to buy gear that you will actually wear them when riding your bike. It sounds obvious but it's not that simple. A lot of people buy highly protective kevlar riding jeans, expensive riding boots, only for them to end up sitting in the wardrobe. 

The common and obvious reasons are comfort, convenience and style. Many of us convince ourselves that we’ll get away with wearing regular jeans when the fact is we are putting ourselves at unnecessary risk. 

The motorcycle gear market has come a long way with huge developments in technology, capability and function. Motorcycle riders are no longer forced into trade-offs between comfort and protection, for example, Camino offer an alternative to Kevlar lined jeans that are a highly rated single layer jean that look and feel like regular denim. 

So what should your top considerations be when buying motorcycle jeans? It’s important to consider the kind of riding you are doing most and where you are. You could own the best racing leathers money can buy but that's probably not very practical if you are in QLD and mainly use your bike to commute to work. 

Things to consider:

How warm is it where you live?

An easy place to start is considering your location and typical climate. Some rather obvious examples:

Far north QLD? It’s 30+ degrees everyday and muggy as anything. Thick Kevlar lined jeans are probably not going to work. Single layer breathable jeans will be your best bet. 

Tasmania in Winter? Thick fully layered kevlar jeans are probably ideal.

What type of riding are you mostly doing?


When I used to commute I wore paper thin Chino’s, just so I wouldn’t need to get changed. Crazy. You are probably not going at super high speeds in urban areas (unless you use a freeway) so a pair of A or AA rated chino’s or riding jeans that can be dressed up (Not the camo ones) would be far better than cotton jeans or chinos. 


Probably the easiest choice, function of style here. Buy Touring pants. They are purpose built for long rides in all weather. You're likely not doing a whole lot once you get off the bike so it doesn't matter what they look like. 

Weekend warrior

If you are one of those guys that tests your limits on the weekend and it's the only riding you do, get the most protection you possibly can. AAA rated fabric for abrasion resistance with level 2 armour. A lot of guys ride in leathers but that can be warm in summer. AAA single layer denim with armour is a great choice for both protection and comfort. 

Everything, Everywhere, all the time?

Obviously the highest risk group. Not just because of how much you ride but also because you are most likely to wear regular jeans a lot of the time. When your bike is your only mode of transport you ride in all conditions and do all sorts of things once you are off, it's easy to get complacent and give in to comfort and convenience. We recommend you find the most comfortable pair of stretch denim single layer jeans you can find. 

In summary, you need the right tools for the job. Whatever that may be. Technology has come a long way in the last few years and it is now possible for you to get protective motorcycle gear that can be worn all day on and off the bike. So find gear that you like the look of, is comfortable for all day wearing and that offers the level of protection you need for your style of riding. You’ll never be reaching for your regular clothing when going for a ride ever again. 

Slide Test of our Single Layer Stretch Denim.

Rider is in a pair of 34r Stretch Slim Fit Jeans. 40% of this entire jean is made of UHWMPE, 5 times stronger than Kevlar.


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